How to Boost Your Conversions with Mobile Exit-Intent

Let’s just agree Pop-up can be very irritating and they put a dent on user experience but this can be changed if you follow best practices.

Generating quality leads and boost conversion rates is the ultimate goal of B2B marketing.

But the thing is improving conversions is tough. More than 40% of B2B admits generating leads and then converting them into customers is one of the most challenging aspects of their marketing.

Pop-up plays a huge role in generating quality leads and boosting conversion rates. And now with more advanced technology such as exit-intent pop-up makes it easier than ever to create user-friendly pop-ups.

In this article, we will discuss, Exit-Intent technology and OptinMonster’s newest feature: Mobile Exit-Intent. And I’ll how you can avail of an extra 30% discount on your Optinmonster purchase.

So let’s dig in, shall we?

Do you know that over 70% of your website visitors leave and never come back to your website again!

That’s a lot of potential customers and income. But you can convert a lot of these abandoning visitors into email subscribers by using an Exit-Intent Popup.

What is Exit-Intent technology?

The Exit-Intent® Technology recognizes user behavior and shows a pop-up form when they’re about to leave your website.

Mobile Exit-Intent

It’s a technology that tracks user’s mouse cursor and whenever the cursor is approaching the tab it shows the pop-up. This technology usually works on desktops but now OptinMonster came out with a new feature so that exit-intent technology could work on mobile phones as well.

Exit-intent technology can create a sense of urgency and helps in grasping the customer’s attention. 

You can offer some discounts or special deals for those customers who were about to leave your website to make a sale and to increase your conversion rate.

How do Exit-Intent pop-ups work?

It’s important to understand how Exit-Intent popup work. The technology adds scripts to your website that helps in tracking mouse cursor of your website visitors so that whenever the user is about to exit through the address bar, back button, or new tab it displays the pop-up.

The pop-ups consist of sign-up requests, newsletters, special offers, and discount deals. 

The main objective of exit-intent pop-ups is to engage the traffic and ensure that they convert into customers or subscribers before they bounce off the website.

Add Exit-Intent on Mobile Devices with OptinMonster

Form the last few years due to high smartphone penetration and easy internet access website get most of their traffic through mobile phones. 

Therefore, the OptinMonster came up with Mobile Exit-intent technology to generate even more leads and boost conversions by bringing in more sales and subscribers.

How does Mobile Exit-Intent work?

It’s a given that mobile exit-intent pop-up won’t work the same way as desktop exit-intent pop-up as there won’t be any mouse cursor to track.

So, the Mobile Exit-Intent technology tracks the website visitor’s behavior by two main signals:

1. Scroll-up trigger

On mobile phones (both android and iOS) when you are scrolling down the URL bar disappears. To type a new URL you’ll have to scroll up a little. 

Scrolling up generally means the website visitor has lost the interest on your website and he’ll have to need more from you to stay.

Scroll-up trigger

Mobile Exit-Intent triggers when the user starts scrolling up. On OptinMonster you can set the Exit Intent Sensitivity to either Low or Medium

2. Back Button Trigger

 To leave a website a user mostly hits the back button multiple times on his/her mobile phone until s/he’s on the previous page or home page of the mobile phone.

Back Button Trigger

You can activate the back button trigger with OptinMonster by choosing high sensitivity on the scroll up trigger.

That means when you choose high sensitivity both scroll-up trigger and back button trigger is activated.

This is how mobile exit-intent looks like in action

Mobile Exit Intent optinmonster

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