How to Create a Signature Form in 3 Simple Steps Using WPForms

How to Create a Signature Form in 3 Simple Steps Using WPForms

Creating a Signature form on your WordPress Website with WPForms

With more are more businesses selling their services online, the importance of electronic signature is increasing day by day. It necessary for online businesses to create service agreement forms, and with the help of the WPForms signature form, it’s easier than ever to get the agreement signed.

In this article, you will learn how to create an online electronic signature form with the help of the WPForms signature form template for your WordPress website.

What’s an online electronic signature?

The electronic signature is like an electronic fingerprint. With the help of it, a person can validate himself as a signatory by signing the document online.

It is a type of mathematical code that encrypts the document from the sender and assures that the document is still the same until it reaches the receiver.

online electronic signature example

Importance of Online Electronic Signature Form on your website


When we talk about security, online electronic signatures are very safe and secure. Electronic signatures authenticate whether the signature is legitimate or not by providing PINs or Passcode, which help in verifying the identity of the signer.

Business efficiency

The cost to integrate an online electronic signature to your platform is relatively low when compared to its benefits. It reduces contract turnaround time. It also has environmental benefits. 

Businesses can reduce the printing cost, and storing an electronic document is easier and saves a lot of space. It saves a lot of indirect costs, like managing, tracking, filing, storage, etc. 

Smoother Workflow

Electronic signatures increased efficiency and reduce delays by notifications, tracking, and automatic storage it considerably speeds up the workflow and allows to close deals a lot quicker.

Customer Experience

It enhances customer experience by allowing the customer to sign the document from wherever he/she wants; this makes it very convenient for you as well as for the customer. This makes the process easy, quick, and customer-friendly.

How to Create an online Signature Form Using WPForms on WordPress

Before we look at the steps on how to create an online electronic signature form for your business’s service agreement, I want you to make sure you consult a good lawyer.

Creating a service agreement is a big business decision, and it must be adequately crafted and should be taken seriously if you don’t want to get stuck in a legal issue in the future.

Don’t copy-paste legal service agreements from Google because it’s never a good strategy for your business in the long term.

An ideal business service agreement must have a:

  • Name, address, and contact information
  • Terms and conditions
  • Payment information
  • Signature

3 Simple Steps to Create WPForms Signature Form

Step 1: Customize Your Own online Signature Form

To create a signature form first, we need to have a Free WPForms plugin installed on our WordPress website.

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To install WPForms plugin installed on our WordPress website follow the steps given below –

1. Sign in on your WordPress website > Click on Plugins > Search WPForms > Click Install and then Activate.

install wpforms

Note: To access the Signature add-on on your WPForms plugin you need a WPForms Pro license which you can get at the best possible price here.

2. Once you have a license key head over to WordPress dashboard and then WPForms > Settings.

3. Now enter the License key to get started.

wpforms licence key

4. Click on WPForms > Addons

signature addon

5. Select the signature add-on by clicking on Install Add-on button

service agreement form

6. The status will show Active after you’ve installed the add-on. Now you are ready to use the WPForms signature form on your WordPress website.

Now that you have installed and activated the WPForms plugin on our WordPress website and installed the signature add-on, the next step is to create a form.

1. Head over to the setup and choose the blank form from the template section. Name that form to let’s say Service Agreement Demo.

blank form

2. Now you’ll be taken to the form editor, where you can add all the necessary fields which are given under the fancy field.

fancy field

3. After you are done with the required fields like name, address, contact information, etc. in the end, add a signature field on the form.

4. Don’t forget to set the signature field as required.

required field on contact form

5. Once done, click Save.

Step 2: Configure the online Signature Form’s Settings

Configuring your online electronic signature form settings is an essential step before we add the form in our service agreement page.

To configure settings – Click on settings on the left

wpforms settings

Now you have general settings, confirmation settings, and notification settings where you can adjust settings as you wish.

On General settings, you can change the name of the form, the description, and you can also edit the submit button. Spam protection can also be enabled from here.

A confirmation message is a message which is shown to the user who has submitted the form. You can change the conformation message settings and show either a message or redirect the user to another page.

A notification will be sent to you whenever someone has submitted a form on your website. You can change the notification settings here.

If you have added an email subscription option on your form, you have connected the WPForms with your email service provider.

Email services that can be integrated with WPForms include:
  • MailChimp
  • GetResponse
  • Aweber
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Drip
  • Constant Contact

Then, click Save and proceed to create your service agreement

Step 3: Create a Service Agreement Page on Your Website

Now, that you have successfully created an online signature form for your WordPress website. The next step is to craft your service agreement page, where we will add our online signature form.

1. On your WordPress dashboard > Click on Pages Add new.

2. Name the page – Let’s call it the XYZ company service agreement.

3. Now, head over to the (+) icon so you can add a block on your page.

4. Type WPForms like in the picture given below and choose the option.

5. Then it will ask you to choose the form. We have named our form Service Agreement Demo. Select Service Agreement Demo.

select online signature form

6. Click Publish and then View Page.

publish online signature form on wordpress

There, you have successfully added an online electronic signature form to your WordPress website.

Bottom line:

WPForms is one of the trusted form builders out there, which makes the tedious process of getting signature for service agreement secure, easy, and quick through its online signature form

I hope I was able to cover every step in as much detail as possible.

If not, feel free to drop a comment regarding your query down in the comment section or reach me on

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